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What We Do

Artisanly was created by a maker to support makers in our community. Each month we feature new vendors and give you multiple ways to shop. It's a safe, easy way to support local small businesses and create the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones! 

The Journey to Local

November 2019 I decided to pursue a little dream of creating a candle business. Since then, I have been met with love, advice, and support from so many different small businesses - even those I directly compete with. 

March 16, 2020 I started working from home with my day job due to COVID. My daughter's daycare closed and it was the most stressful, challenging thing to adapt to. Candle making was going to take a back seat to full-time childcare, a full-time sales job, and planning major home renovations.

March 31, 2020 I was laid off.

While candle-making had been a great side hustle for a few months, I worried about making it my full-time gig - especially with the world shutting down around us. If you know anyone who makes a living making and selling their craft, you'll know I'm not alone in this feeling. Stores, markets, and pop-ups are how I make the majority of sales. With closures and uncertain futures I knew I needed something else. I knew that the community of makers needed something else!

Artisanly began as a way to support my own small business while also partnering with makers similarly impacted by the pandemic. This box allows me to introduce people to new makers they've never heard of before and gives me a chance to support a whole new group of makers each month!

All The Hats

I'm a mom, I'm a maker, and I'm passionate about supporting the community that welcomed me with open arms when I wanted to try something new. I'm so grateful that people like you want to support this community with me! You'll never know how much we appreciate the support.


Thanks for checking us out, I hope to bring you some joy soon!